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Our Team

Company Founder

dr_gay_canoughDr. Gay Canough
Dr. Canough is the CEO and founder of Extraterrestrial Materials, Inc. (ETM Solar Works) She obtained her B.S. in physics from Purdue University in 1980 and her Ph.D. in Particle Physics from the University of Notre Dame in 1987.

She has many years of experience doing design and installation of solar energy systems. Her curriculum vitae includes the following:

Conducted the PV Installers Course over 130 times. The course on how to install solar electric systems has been offered in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. (2000-present)

Certified Master Trainer (Institute for Sustainable Power)
Certified PV Installer (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners)

Designed and installed solar electric systems and solar hot water systems, residential and commercial. Designed and installed hardware, wrote software for performance monitoring of renewable energy systems (over a megawatt of PV installed since 1993).

Installed several small wind generators and performed repairs on existing wind generators. Completed wind studies for several sites.

Binghamton University-State University of New York, the Watson School of Engineering summer science and technology workshops for middle school students and teachers (1994 to 1999).

Carried out study of space solar power compared to terrestrial solar power under NASA contract (1996).

Conducted a study on the risks, real and perceived, of space solar power for the Space Studies Institute at Princeton (1992).

Binghamton University-State University of New York, Department of Physics: teaching of engineering physics, electronics and particle physics. (1990-1995)

Directed design projects at the International Space University (5 summers). Design projects included: Asteroid Prospecting, Mission to Mars, Lunar Polar Probe, Space Solar Power, ISUNET (use of internet for education). 1989 to 1993.

Managed the start-up of the Lunar Prospector project (1989). Lunar Prospector successfully orbited the Moon collecting data for two years (98-99)

Conducted reliability analysis of fiber optics communications devices at IBM (1988-1989)

Completed several experiments in particle physics at Fermilab (particle physics lab in Chicago, IL, USA) and CERN (particle physics lab in Switzerland). Wrote software in Fortran for data analysis. Designed and built many particle detectors. (graduate student, then faculty at U of Notre Dame, 1981 to 1987).

Dr. Gay Canough is treasurer of the New York Solar Energy Industries Association (NYSEIA).

Sales & Marketing Manager

wendy Wendy Barnum
Wendy earned her Master’s Degree from Seton Hill University. She is currently the Sales and Marketing Manager and has been since November 2007. Wendy came to ETM with a strong background in sales, and since being with ETM Wendy has sold over $5,000,000 in solar installations.

Solar Sales Technician

Vice President

rogerRoger Patrick Ley
Roger became a full-time installer under the direction of Francine V. Notte in 2001-2003. Then, from November 2003-2008, he became a full-time Crew Chief and supervised 2 to 4 crew members. Roger has input on design and does all phases of DC electrical installation. If a licensed electrician is not required, Roger also does the AC portion of installation as well. Roger is currently the General Manager and in charge of organizing and planning work crews.

Roger is accredited with the following institutions:

NABCEP: certified
NYSERDA: eligible to install photovoltaic systems
OSHA: 20 hours of certified classroom training in safety
SMA: certified installer
Roger was the supervising Crew Chief on all installations done by ETM Solar Works from 2003 until his promotion to General Manager of installations in November 2008. In 2013, he was promoted to vice president. He now oversees all day to day operations.

Manager of Operations

steveSteven Mihok
December, 2008-2013 full-time Crew Chief under the supervision of Roger Patrick Ley.  He was promoted to manager of operations in 2013, and he now manages 3 crews. Steven has a strong construction background having supervised crews. He is slated to lead crews in the Crew Chief position sometime later this year when he becomes more familiar with solar installing.

Steven has taken the OSHA thirty hour safety course given in January, 2009.

He has taken the four day installer’s course beginning on September 28, 2009 given by Dr. Gay E. Canough and passed the NABCEP entry level exam.

Administrative Executive

Lori pic 2011Lori P. Johnson

OSHA Certified in Compliance & Workplace Safety. Coordinates projects with NYSERDA, LIPA, PA Sunshine Program & New Jersey Clean Energy Program. Works with New York utilities such as National Grid, NYSEG, Central Hudson & Con Ed in addition to New Jersey and Pennsylvania companies.

Crew Chief

Ken FranklynKen Franklyn
August 2013-present. Crew Chief under the supervision of Steven Mihok.
Ken ran his own home improvement business and has a strong background in residential wiring and carpentry.
Completed the OSHA ten-hour safety course