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Long-term Loans and Leases Now Available!

My Cabin is Solar PoweredIt’s finally happened… 20 year loans and leases are now available for solar energy systems!

Residential: Unsecured loans up to 20 years. These are much like financing you would get for a car. They are NOT dependent on your home equity. Interest rates are very good and depend upon term length and (slightly) with your credit rating.

Residential: Leases, up to 20 years. Leases are great if you need to put minimal money down, if you cannot take advantage of tax credits, or if you really do not want to own the system. Leased systems are maintained by the leasing company, which means they sub-contract us (your local installer) to install and maintain the system.

Commercial: Leases, up to 20 years.

Leased systems are installed and maintained by ETM, your local solar energy experts.