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Community Solar: Keep your business in the community.

So, you have been wanting to go solar for a while. You had a solar contractor visit you and say: Oops too much shade. Or maybe you would like a large system, because, hey it is time to run everything on solar electricity and say goodbye to fossil fuel. And then there are those pesky utility rates…they always go up.

We have the perfect solution: we rented a big roof to put your solar panels on.

This Community Solar project is located in Johnson City. Anyone in load-zone C can buy a piece of the system. Load-zone C is quite large. It covers all of Chemung, Tioga, Tompkins, Steuben, Yates, Oswego counties and most of Broome, Cortland, Onondaga, Cayuga and Seneca. Some corners of a few other counties are also in it.

NYSEG load zone map

NYSEG load zone map

[NYSEG has a complete list of municipalities in the zone: Go to NYSEG.COM, then click for suppliers and partners. Select Electricity ESCOs, then ISO Maps find out more, Then C-central zone.]

Five Star Community Solar

Five Star Community Solar by ETM

Customers who buy into the system get a credit on their home bill for electricity generated by their piece of the system. The utility does the bill-crediting. The main difference in how credits are issued is that you get a dollar credit instead of a kWh credit.

To buy in:

Send us one electric bill (or the account number). We can then look up your yearly usage at NYSEG. Then we figure out how many panels in the system it takes to generate all your electricity.

We send you a proposal, just like we would do for a home system. You then have the choice to buy outright or finance (loans up to 20 years).

We are signing up customers now and planning to build the system in early April, as soon as the snow lets up! Turning the system on in April means that customers can accumulate credits thru the sunniest part of the year and use them up over the winter. Give us a call to find out more: 607-785-6499 or email us at

The What Ifs

If you move to a new residence in the load-zone C, you simply let us know the new address and your electricity gets credited there.

If you move out of load-zone C, you can sell (or bequeath) your panels to anyone else in load-zone C.

If production from your panels goes down, call ETM. We are responsible for all the maintenance.