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Make it Here

New York imports 95% of our energy and is that a good thing? In general, we Americans import a large percentage of everything we buy and use. Go home and pick up a random item: is it made in the USA? I bet not! Is that a problem? Maybe. Here is how we go about getting stuff: We no longer make it here. We buy stuff from factories in far-away places. We like to have “cheap” stuff. Many of these places (China, Malaysia, India, Bangladesh) have poor environmental regulation, lousy safety standards and do not treat their workers well.
But we want “cheap” and we certainly don’t want a factory in our back yard. I’m going to be real prickly here and call this unethical if not immoral behavior. We are perfectly happy to have all the stuff and all the electricity we can get, as long as the production of it messes up someone else’s backyard.

So I think we should make our own energy. We should have solar cell factories, PVC pipe factories and all the rest HERE, where we can REGULATE them. We MUST learn how to co-exist with manufacturing and energy production (of some kind). Otherwise, we just continue to buy stuff and use energy at someone else’s expense.

Wow… I hope we are not that crass! 

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