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In New York it is common to wait several months to get your solar energy system installed, once you are signed up. There are 2 components to this. First, the solar sales techs are trying to get people signed up as quickly as possible to get you the maximum amount of grant money. The grant money, offered thru the New York Energy Research and Development Agency (NYSERDA), comes in “megawatt blocks”. There is a certain total amount of funds in each block and when those exhausted, they go to the next block. Thing is, the next block is given out as smaller (per system) grant amounts. So it pays to get signed up ASAP!  You can go to to see what the grant level is like today and how close we are to having a certain level used up. For example, today (Feb 17) I see that the residential up-state block has just 2% left at the $0.8/W level. This means that, if we turn in a customer’s NYSERDA paperwork today on a 7000 W solar electric system, the grant amount will be 0.8  x 7000 = $5600. Once that grant block is used up, the next level is $0.7/W. This means that the 7000 W system will get 0.7 x 7000 = $4900, which is $700 LESS. So it pays to act fast to get signed up. Once the paperwork is in to NYSERDA, you are locked in with that grant amount.

The next issue is that we do have this thing called “winter” in New York. When it is extremely cold and/or snowy, it can be too hazardous for the crews to be up on the roof. In addition, we generally do not want to install rack feet when the shingles are very cold because the shingles can break. So the crews do the indoor work first, such as installing your inverter, and then they have to wait for a day when they can do the roof-top work.Once the weather lets up, the crews will be out there cranking thru the installations at a rate of 2 to 3 per week. This means we can get thru our present backlog in the spring of 2015 and the sales techs are working hard to fill up the rest of the year. Around about March, the grant money wi

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ll start to be used up much faster. Last summer and fall, each block lasted about 4 weeks, while during the winter, the current block has lasted about 3 months.

This all means that, if you are thinking about going solar, give us a call today for a free site visit and quote. And for those of you who are waiting for installation, we are hopeful that the annoying polar vortex will be gone soon and we’ll be cranking out the installations!