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Our Prime Directive: To bring environmentally friendly solar power to as many people on Earth as possible.

YES! We have plenty of sun! New York has 20% more solar energy falling on it than the sunniest place in Germany (the world leader in solar energy use).

YES! Going solar is easier than ever thanks to grants, tax credits, loans and leasing!

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Anticipation In New York it is common to wait several months to get your solar energy system installed, once you are signed up. There are 2 components to this. First, the solar sales techs are trying to get people signed up as quickly as possible to get you the maximum amount of grant money. The Read the full article…

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New York imports 95% of our energy and is that a good thing? In general, we Americans import a large percentage of everything we buy and use. Go home and pick up a random item: is it made in the USA? I bet not! Is that a problem? Maybe. Here is how we go about Read the full article…

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For Homeowners...

Low Monthly Payments

1) Lease the most efficient PV on Earth with SunPower!
2) Finance any kind of Solar Energy System, terms up to 20 years

For Municipalities:

20 year financing available for projects costing more than $500,000

Area Served

We service residential & commercial properties in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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Take Control of Your Energy Destiny

ETM Offers the Most Efficient Photovoltaic Panel On Earth!

Sunpower authorized dealer Call us today to find out how you can go solar with low monthly payments and SunPower 20% efficient PV panels. These high efficiency solar panels take up 37% LESS SPACE than other panels. This means you can do more with your roof.

Are you sick and tired and paying big bucks for gas? Well, consider this... your roof could be charging your electric vehicle. The electricity cost to charge that electric car is equivalent to paying 55 cents per gallon! No wonder the oil industry doesn't want you to find this out!

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